A study from the journal Computers & Education found that
game-based learning was very effective in a group of ninth graders, and many studies show that students learn better through interactive demonstrations than through rote memorization. SkelePal gives educators the opportunity to create a physical game out of the skeletal system, which helps students understand the topic thoroughly.
SkelePal is a full black suit with white bones showing each bone in the body. Wireless controls and speakers on the suit would lead the user through multiple game modes. For example: in the game mode Speak and Find, SkelePal would say the name of a bone, and the user would attempt to touch the correct bone using contact points on the fingers and on each bone. The bone’s LEDs, as well as the speaker, would indicate whether the user was correct or incorrect. In the game mode Flash and Find, a bone would flash and
vibrate, and the user would attempt to say the correct name.
SkelePal’s target audience is educators or education systems interested in using SkelePal in their classrooms.

Project Overview
Georgia Institute of Technology School of Industrial Design
ID 3051 - Interactive Junior Studio I - Fall 2017
Instructor - James Budd
Student - Dana Palacio
Software and Skills - Arduino, UI/UX, Prototyping, Adobe Photoshop
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