Project Overview
Georgia Institute of Technology School of Industrial Design
COA 1012 - Fundamentals of Design and the Built Environment II - Spring 2016
Instructor - Samuel Harris, IDSA
Student - Dana Palacio
Software - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Project Brief
“Georgia Tech’s Piano Project is a co-curricular plan to connect civic engagement, the arts, industrial design and student wellness. Inspired by such projects as British artist Luke Jerram’s Play Me I’m Yours installation and Volkswagen's "Fun Theory" initiative that encourage the public to engage with, activate, and take ownership of their urban environment, a small group of faculty and staff have taken the idea a few steps further.”  

I propose for this piano to serve not only as something to be played and enjoyed by students at Tech, but to also serve as a messenger informing students of the Georgia Tech Piano project, a project that would include having student and alumni organizations fundraise to collect refurbished pianos that would otherwise be thrown away and donating them to places that need them in Atlanta. These pianos would bring awareness not only to Tech’s support of music education, but also to Georgia Tech’s School of Music.

Awarded the Richard John Livingstone Martin Humanitarian Design Merit Award presented by Barbara Rose. I was the only first-year finalist. I am honored to have received this award and am excited to further my designs to serve the community and honor Professor Richard Martin's name.

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